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Just Doing Something is Very Important, But Don’t Forget This


Once you realize your dream, your goal, or whatever it is that you yearn to achieve, it is very crucial to actually get your hands dirty with working on it. And even when you do, you won’t make it.

Yup, you won’t make it to your goal on a straight, smooth upward slope like you were riding an escalator. And you would never know where you are headed by just walking in some random direction.

The world is a map, and your life is a bucket list of places you want to visit. Only that these places, these destinations your heart desires to see, are your goals. And just as you might live your entire life without visiting breathtaking sights and being immersed in unbelievable experiences, you might live your life without achieving any goal your mind keeps begging you to work on if you don’t learn how to achieve them.

Unless you are walking on a prairie or vast grassland, getting to a destination never involves walking in a straight line. In cities, there are streets you must walk through, turns you have to make, and detours that may throw you further from your goal than you desire. In forests, you might have to walk around a lake, decide to avoid a muddy area, and trip on a few rocks or vines on the ground.

Your original set of directions to your destination, your initial plan to achieve your goal, may not get you there on the first try. And it just might not have been the best option.

Never let a failed plan ruin your dreams. Always be prepared for the unexpected. Keep a few other alternatives ready. And push on toward your goal.

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