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The Phoenix Within You

The concept of the phoenix rising from the ashes has been as old as Greek mythology.

That bird that lives for hundreds of years. And yet, even when it dies, even when its body is burned, it rises again from the ashes of its former self.

Life after death. A new life.

And yet, what we don’t realize is that we are all born with a phoenix inside us. This identity we believe we truly are. And within that phoenix is some hope that is born with us that lives with us for a while.

And along the way that hope that resides in the phoenix within us fades out. And the phoenix dies along with it.

It is a kindled spirit within us that is the magic by which we can revive that phoenix, and let it be born anew.

A spirit of self-realization. Of self-discovery.

A realization that we can bring that phoenix back to life.

A new reawakening.

A new understanding of who we are. And where we are heading.

When despair kills the phoenix within us, we need to spark a fire in ourselves, in our hearts, in our souls, so that the phoenix can experience another rebirth.

So whatever trouble you are facing today, remember – you have a mystical creature within you that will not lose hope.

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