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How Mondays are Really Your Best Days

Mondays (and their equivalents in other cultures, such as Sundays in the Arab world) have long been synonymous with such emotions as dread, anxiety, and trepidation. And those do seem like natural emotions anyone should feel at the start of any work week. Unless you are working your dream job, of course.

But Mondays may resemble more than the start of a new 5-day series of dreadful hours of labor.

A Matter of Perspective

Life is always how we see it. And every aspect of it is also a matter of perspective. Your current job may either seem like hell on Earth, or a stepping stone toward a goal you set your mind to.

And while Mondays certainly do seem like the first moments of the worst part of your week, they also are the first moments of opportunity for a better work week.

Your Career’s Weekly Rebirth

Short of actually finding a new opportunity and quitting your current job, Monday’s are your career’s weekly rebirth. And how you use your Monday may set the tone for the rest of the week. Not only for yourself, but for the way your coworkers and managers perceive you and your performance.

Let each Monday truly be a rebirth for your performance, for your outlook on the week, and for the way you interact with those around you. After all, after a good or bad weekend, people will, or at least should, care more about what you do now, and not what you did three days ago.

All the Small Things

For a truly different Monday, take up a few new small habits to feel good from the start of the day. If you usually get up slightly late and feel like you’re in a race against time to get to work at a decent time, even if it is late, push yourself to get up just 10 minutes earlier than usual to really enjoy that good cup of coffee or tea before you hit traffic. Or use those minutes to read or watch something motivating or inspirational. Or simply use them to reach work in a less stressed and more relaxed mood.

Whatever can help make you feel better for a new day, do it. And take full advantage of the start of the new week.

Embrace Your Mondays

And remember, whatever it is you are doing now, it is just another stepping stone toward a bigger goal or dream you have. So embrace your next Monday as the opportunity it truly is.


Hope and Rebirth



The concept of rebirth has always provided humanity with a sense of a new life and hope. Whether it is the idea of life after death, or the idea of the metaphorical rebirth from sin to purity, the idea of being reborn still provides much inspiration and motivation to us.

Even in everyday life, the old dies out and becomes new again. We fall into a state of unconsciousness every night, and become aware once again of the world around us in the morning.

Life kills our souls quite often. We fall into states of despair, hopelessness, sadness, sorrow, and depression at various stages in our lives.

Those are stages in life in which we must look into ourselves, let our old, tired, and feeble souls perish away, and bring life to a new self-realization that, so long as we can still breathe, there still is hope.

Our Tempests and Drizzles


Shipping in a Tempest of a Rocky Coast

Our lives have weather systems of their own. And while there are days when we take shelter from the tempests that come crashing through, there are also those drizzles that remind us, after we survived those tempests, to always be prepared for whatever comes our way.

As you walk through your path in life, as you travel along your journey to whatever your destination – whatever your goal, dream, or aspiration – is, you will have to endure those harsh storms to see the magical beauty of the other side of those tempests. And, sometimes, when it all seems like sunshine and clear skies, there will be some delicate drizzles that shower you with a reminder that the road is still littered with potholes and perils.

But you will make it through those tempests of pain and sorrow, and you will smile through those light drizzles of minor problems and conflicts, and you will smile when you reach your destination – when you turn around and look at that long journey and those winding and cruel paths you crossed.

Overcoming the Walls in Life


Brick Wall (by Oula Lehtinen)

We live our lives with goals and dreams somewhere in our conscience, only to find walls blocking the paths toward them.

These walls vary in height, and width. Sometimes a wall seems so high it blocks the sunlight that shines from our dreams and aspirations. Sometimes it is so wide that it will seem like forever to go around it.

The next wall can be a wall of steel, concrete, or bricks, and the idea of penetrating it or breaking it seems practically impossible.

And sometimes a high and wide wall may seem impenetrable, but beneath the façade, it’s just plaster and sheet-rock.

However high or wide those walls seem, whatever they are made of, you need to cross over to the other side to reach your destination.

Whether you have to go all the way around it, climb over it, or charge right through it, do whatever it takes to cross over the next wall and get to your destination.

The Morning


A new morning (Photo by Harald Hoyer)

The natural cycle of time provides several analogies that we can learn from in life. And perhaps no time of day is as abundant in poetic truth as the first few hours of the morning when the sun first casts its radiance on the world.

Those first rays by which darkness disappears and vanishes.

Those moments in which life returns the way it way it was some hours ago.

Those first few minutes in which a whole new being, a new day, is born.

The morning is in and of itself a message of hope.

Those hours of darkness that you experienced each moment of before you fell asleep . . . gone. That darkness that drained out the world of its colors and left you staring at a world of shadows and silhouettes, now retreating as the morning illuminates the world around you with colors of hope and new life.

And even in a bustling city where nighttime is artificially illuminated by street lights. Those lights do not cast natural shadows on the people you see. Their shadows, under those artificial lighting fixtures, are exaggerated. And their natural tones are distorted by those unnatural lights. Nothing is still as it truly is.

Until the morning shines again and reveals the world around you the way it truly is.

And just as the morning light forces the darkness to retreat, so do the mornings of our life force the dark days of our problems to retreat. And no matter how often our lives are dimmed by the darkness of our problems, it is the natural course of life that a new morning of hope and relief will eventually shine through. And force our darkest days to disperse, just as the first rays of daylight force the darkness of the night to disperse.

The morning also has its own time at which it shines. Never does it shine through the night abruptly, nor is it delayed. It arrives when it is destined to shine. When the Earth has spun so that the sun may illuminate the world around you once again. At precisely that moment.

And while we may, at times, want the night to end sooner and the morning to arrive quicker so that we may see our problems disappear, it still shines at the right time, when we truly need it.

So tomorrow morning, look out your window and appreciate the warmth of that morning light for what it truly is:

A new message of hope for a new day.


The Phoenix Within You

The concept of the phoenix rising from the ashes has been as old as Greek mythology.

That bird that lives for hundreds of years. And yet, even when it dies, even when its body is burned, it rises again from the ashes of its former self.

Life after death. A new life.

And yet, what we don’t realize is that we are all born with a phoenix inside us. This identity we believe we truly are. And within that phoenix is some hope that is born with us that lives with us for a while.

And along the way that hope that resides in the phoenix within us fades out. And the phoenix dies along with it.

It is a kindled spirit within us that is the magic by which we can revive that phoenix, and let it be born anew.

A spirit of self-realization. Of self-discovery.

A realization that we can bring that phoenix back to life.

A new reawakening.

A new understanding of who we are. And where we are heading.

When despair kills the phoenix within us, we need to spark a fire in ourselves, in our hearts, in our souls, so that the phoenix can experience another rebirth.

So whatever trouble you are facing today, remember – you have a mystical creature within you that will not lose hope.

The Furnaces of our Lives

In this world, we are the blacksmiths of our fate.

And the problems, challenges, and conflicts that cross our path during our journey through life are our furnaces and molding tools.

And our thoughts and decisions are our raw material.

And it is up to us to either use the material, the furnace, and the tools to create masterpieces, or just give up on it all and toss ourselves into the furnace and let it burn us into ashes. Never to be seen or heard from again.

And as we create one masterpiece after another, we must expect to face even harder tasks and hotter furnaces ahead.

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