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A Matter of Perspective

A Matter of Perspective

A Matter of Perspective

While people can be categorized in numerous ways, most people fit into one of two groups: Those who focus on the negative aspects of their lives and those that try to look at the positive.

Life is hard for everyone. Trouble lurks around every corner along our journey to wherever our goals are. And through that journey, there are two major options to take when looking at how your journey has been.

You can either focus much of your memory on the mistakes you made, the bad choices you took, and the negative personalities you had to deal with.

Or you can appreciate the progress you have made despite those shortcomings and negativity that surrounded you.

Great people in the past also had those two options. Had they resigned to looking at the bleakness that discouraged their progress, their names would only have been remembered by their friends and family, and forgotten once they reached the grave.

So whenever a negative thought crosses your mind, find something positive to throw your attention on to keep on moving.


Overcoming the Walls in Life


Brick Wall (by Oula Lehtinen)

We live our lives with goals and dreams somewhere in our conscience, only to find walls blocking the paths toward them.

These walls vary in height, and width. Sometimes a wall seems so high it blocks the sunlight that shines from our dreams and aspirations. Sometimes it is so wide that it will seem like forever to go around it.

The next wall can be a wall of steel, concrete, or bricks, and the idea of penetrating it or breaking it seems practically impossible.

And sometimes a high and wide wall may seem impenetrable, but beneath the façade, it’s just plaster and sheet-rock.

However high or wide those walls seem, whatever they are made of, you need to cross over to the other side to reach your destination.

Whether you have to go all the way around it, climb over it, or charge right through it, do whatever it takes to cross over the next wall and get to your destination.

The Morning


A new morning (Photo by Harald Hoyer)

The natural cycle of time provides several analogies that we can learn from in life. And perhaps no time of day is as abundant in poetic truth as the first few hours of the morning when the sun first casts its radiance on the world.

Those first rays by which darkness disappears and vanishes.

Those moments in which life returns the way it way it was some hours ago.

Those first few minutes in which a whole new being, a new day, is born.

The morning is in and of itself a message of hope.

Those hours of darkness that you experienced each moment of before you fell asleep . . . gone. That darkness that drained out the world of its colors and left you staring at a world of shadows and silhouettes, now retreating as the morning illuminates the world around you with colors of hope and new life.

And even in a bustling city where nighttime is artificially illuminated by street lights. Those lights do not cast natural shadows on the people you see. Their shadows, under those artificial lighting fixtures, are exaggerated. And their natural tones are distorted by those unnatural lights. Nothing is still as it truly is.

Until the morning shines again and reveals the world around you the way it truly is.

And just as the morning light forces the darkness to retreat, so do the mornings of our life force the dark days of our problems to retreat. And no matter how often our lives are dimmed by the darkness of our problems, it is the natural course of life that a new morning of hope and relief will eventually shine through. And force our darkest days to disperse, just as the first rays of daylight force the darkness of the night to disperse.

The morning also has its own time at which it shines. Never does it shine through the night abruptly, nor is it delayed. It arrives when it is destined to shine. When the Earth has spun so that the sun may illuminate the world around you once again. At precisely that moment.

And while we may, at times, want the night to end sooner and the morning to arrive quicker so that we may see our problems disappear, it still shines at the right time, when we truly need it.

So tomorrow morning, look out your window and appreciate the warmth of that morning light for what it truly is:

A new message of hope for a new day.


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