3 Life Lessons from the Olympics

Olympic life lessons


Every four years the world’s largest sports event is held, bringing with it amazing spectacles and displays of athletic feats and achievements. Yet behind each of those awe-inspiring Olympic triumphs are inspirational stories that are engraved with qualities and traits we all aspire to attain.

Perseverance. Sacrifice. Determination. Focus. Resilience. Motivation.

Just to name a few.

And, while everyone is inspired differently by the Olympics and is touched by different stories in ways more relevant to their own lives and circumstances, there are three lessons from the Olympics I believe will inspire us all.


Perhaps the most common aspect in every Olympic story is the dream of the athlete.

Each participant in the Olympic games began the journey several years ago with one vision in mind: becoming the best athlete in that given sport.

As Michael Phelps said it himself, “You can’t put a limit on anything. The more you dream, the farther you get.”


Original photo by Linus Egger

Speaking of Michael Phelps, the star swimmer and 21-time Olympic gold-medal winner did not suddenly start swimming and win gold. His story began when he was just seven. And, with hard work and practice, he broke the US national record for his age group in less than four years.

The athletes we see today have held on to their dreams for many years and never let go. And the more they dreamt, the further that dream took them.

So dream more and dream big.


Many of us decide to hit the gym to get in better shape, only to get lazy or disheartened after a while from slow progress.

The athletes at Rio today pushed hard when their bodies and spirits told them enough is enough.

Michael Phelps did not stop at breaking the national record and consider that to be his landmark in the world of swimming. He pushed on and achieved greater goals, and held on to those goals year after year.

And when a gold medal was won, he went for another. And another. And another.

Overcoming Obstacles

Life will drop obstacles in your path. And some of those obstacles will actually be valid and acceptable reasons to stop pursuing your dreams and goals.

But the story of Yusra Mardini is one story that says no obstacle is big enough for you to stop pushing harder.

Yusra Mardini was a young Syrian girl when her father first started to train her to swim. She continued to practice and train until the Syrian Olympic Committee recognized her performance and began to support her as well.

And then all hell broke loose as the country fell into disarray and war broke out.

That was as good an excuse as any to make anyone quit a goal or dream. Yet Yusra persisted, training in the harshest conditions.

And when things got even worse, she fled the country at age 15 and sought refuge in Germany. And even her journey then was on filled with perils.

At one point in the Mediterranean Sea, the motor of the dinghy she was in just stopped and the refugees were stranded in the middle of the sea.

Yusra Mardini and her sister jumped into the water and pushed the small boat to safety.

After swimming for her life, and swimming to save the lives of others, she finally saw her dream come true when she marched along with other refugees at Rio.


So while life’s obstacles may seem daunting at times, and while you may very well be justified in giving up your hopes and dreams because of a tragedy in your life, remember, there is always a way. Just dream more and persevere.


About Mohamed Z.

Mohamed Zeineldine is an Egyptian American content writer with several years of experience. He has written content of various forms for organizations around the world.

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