You’re NOT Thinking Inside a Box, but Through a Window

sunset through the windows
The old piece of golden advice that taught us to think outside the box never felt accurate.

When trying to come up with a new idea, I rarely felt that I was constrained within a six-sided container. I felt that I can think upward, but to a certain extent; downward, but to a certain extent; to the left, but to a certain extent; to the right, but to a certain extent; and when thinking forward, it felt like I can keep on thinking, but only in that direction, with the only constraint being what my eyes can reach.

It felt more like a window that provides a frame and allows you to think of as many ideas as you can, but only through a certain perspective and a certain direction.

Constantly trying to think of a new idea outside of the world you know and live in is not really how to come up with new ideas. And, in reality, you really are constrained by the world around you.

It’s not that your mind is in a box, but that it is looking at the world around you through one window. And since the world has so much more to be seen beyond a window in your bedroom, it is essential to step away from it and look at the world from other perspectives. (Not another perspective, but as many different perspectives as you can think of.)

So if you are feeling less inspired someday, take your creative gear to another location that provides a different view and perspective, and think of a new idea once more.

And, rather than thinking through a window at all, step outside and draw inspiration from the world beyond the glass.


About Mohamed Z.

Mohamed Zeineldine is an Egyptian American content writer with several years of experience. He has written content of various forms for organizations around the world.

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