Patterned Windows

Suhaimy House

A Window in Bayt al-Suhaimy on El-Moez St. in Old Cairo, Egypt. (by ZeinDesignz)

Apart from the idea of perspective, the way we view our lives can also be compared to a patterned window.

We understand the world around us based on our beliefs, morals, cultures, interactions, and our past. And all of these aspects of our understanding all form a mural, or a pattern of some sort, that allows us to see the world around us through it.

We see our troubled times through those panels that are as similar to our current situation. We come up with conclusions and take decisions about our current situations based on what we see through those panels.

But, just as is the case with perspective, those panels rarely show us the entirety of the scene, and, depending on with what color the glass is stained and how it is formed, that scene may even be discolored and disfigured in that window panel.

Most of the time we need to think beyond what our windows show us and take a look from the outside to get a better picture.


About Mohamed Z.

Mohamed Zeineldine is an Egyptian American content writer with several years of experience. He has written content of various forms for organizations around the world.

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